Jon Wallace

I am a Internationally Published Photographer Specializing in Motorsports, Action Sports, Lifestyle, Commercial & Product Photography Based in Denver, Colorado.

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where I grew up racing BMX, riding dirt bikes, and playing hockey. In 2008 I moved to Colorado and fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and Photography. After several injuries indefinitely sidelined my bodies ability to handle what it was constantly subjected to I found my self really missing something. I was missing the rush, the thrill of intentionally putting oneself in a high stress, high consequence, split second decision making environment and enjoying every minute of it. I know taking photographs is far from sending a 4th gear jump or playing a tier 1 game, but the similarities to doing them well are inherent. Hiking a 14,000ft mountain at 3:30am in below freezing temperatures with one opportunity to nail the shot with the team/sponsors/manufacture/rider counting on you while dealing with the wrath of Mother Nature and having subjects fly by at 150mph+ really put ones talent, timing, experience, creativity, confidence, skill, problem solving and nerves to the test. And ill tell you what, its one HELL of a rush! That’s why I fell in love with capturing the motion of action sports, specifically motorcycle racing.

These harsh, high pressure work/play environments have given me the wherewithal to shot your products, tell your story, showcase your skill and provide you with epic marketing content when others CAN’T.


Published Work


Sideburn Magazine: MotoBall USA

Meta Magazine: Pikes Peak 2018

Deus Ex Machina: Pikes Peak 2018

KTM: KTM 790 Duke A Mountain To Climb

Sideburn Magazine: Vintage MX

Sideburn Magazine: KX500

Sideburn Magazine: Pikes Peak 2017, Issue 30

Sideburn Magazine: Lands End Hill Climb 2017, Issue 32

Sideburn Magazine: Travis Leaves Denver, Issue 33

Sideburn Magazine: Balance, Issue 34

Sideburn Magazine: The Bearded Crazy Cat Lady, Issue 35

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Working at 14,000ft  Pike's Peak International Hill Climb 2017  Photo Courtesy of Sascha Bartel

Working at 14,000ft

Pike's Peak International Hill Climb 2017

Photo Courtesy of Sascha Bartel